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Why is it important to have your pool or spa water tested
and treated on a regular basis?


Treatments are essential for quality, crystal-clear, pure water. They are simply indispensable if you want to enjoy your pool or spa at any time, and most importantly, to eliminate any health risks.


This is why it is imperative to have your water appropriately tested and treated regularly. This will also help prevent algae or undesirable and harmful bacteria from forming and spreading.


Finding the most effective water treatment is an elaborate process. There are hundreds of types of pools and spas, and determining the appropriate treatment depends on a number of factors, i.e. water volume, water temperature, materials used, the immediate environment, the filtration system, plus weather conditions and how often you use your pool or spa, which can influence your water’s delicate chemical balance.


Consequently, even if you treat your water regularly, testing it often is just as indispensable in order to monitor its quality and safety. When testing reveals an irregularity, you must intervene immediately and with the appropriate treatment, otherwise your water will quickly deteriorate and become unsuitable for swimming.



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