Piscine Servex


Piscine Servex offers a professional maintenance service tailored to your needs.



You can now look forward to enjoying your pool or spa with complete peace of mind!

We build personalized service into all our maintenance contracts. We meet with you to examine your pool or spa, and then determine the type and frequency of the treatments. We have numerous packages you can choose from. We also provide on-call servicing. We will explain how we work and the products we use. We primarily use eco-friendly products if your pool or spa system is suitable, and we offer a diversified range of solutions to ensure your water never loses its irreproachable quality.


Maintenance service for pools and spas:
- Opening and closing above-ground pools and spas
- Basic opening, with a cleaning or “ready to swim” for in-ground pools
- Indoor and outdoor in-ground pool maintenance packages adapted to your needs




Bronze Package etoile

  • Equipment installation (filter, motor, lights, backwash, skimmer basket, diving board, ladder)
  • Shock treatment and concentrated algaecide
  • Additional fee to remove winter net or tarp

Silver Package etoileetoile

Contains the same elements as the Bronze package, plus:

  • Collection of large debris with a net and vacuum.

Gold Package  etoileetoileetoile

Contains the same elements as the Silver package, plus:

  • Complete pool cleaning so that it is ready for swimming à
  • Water level balancing (chlorine or salt, pH, alkalinity, hardness, stabilizer)
  • Balancing products not included

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


- Empty pump and skimmer baskets

- Backwash and filter rinsing

- Water analysis

- Water level balancing

- Collection of debris on water surface

- Vacuuming of pool bottom

- Inspection of pool equipment

- Written report of adjustments made

- Chemical products not included (billed once a month)

Offered according to the following categories:

Bronze Package etoile

1 visit per week

Silver Package etoileetoile

2 visits per week

Gold Package etoileetoileetoile

3 visits per week



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