Piscine Servex

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Welcome to Piscine Servex



Your one-stop provider for all your pool or spa product and service needs


Pools and spas
openings and closings
Periodic maintenance packages
or on-call servicing
Sale and installation of water treatment
and filtration accessories and equipment
Piscine Servex
ouverture fermeture Entretien produits
(plumbing, mechanical and electronic parts)
Home delivery of treatment products Point of sale where you can purchase your products and consult with our specialists
Électronique Livraison pointdevente


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One number for Laval-North Shore

Piscine Servex- couverture
North Shore: from Bois-des-Filion to Oka and St-Janvier to Laval
Couverture : Rive-Nord : de Bois-des-Filion à Oka et de St-Janvier à Laval